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Adine Storer Photography

Never, not for a single day, do we let The space before us be so unbounded That the blooming of one flower is forever
Looking through the viewfinder of a camera slows the world down ...
and helps me pay attention to the details.  As Rilke says in another poem, “Only when we tarry do we touch the holy.  Small things, plain things, temporary things are worthy of our attention." It is entrancing to press the shutter and feel one has captured something precious.

Photography doesn’t just record the view in front of us.  Photography is a tool an artist can use to help the viewer see things in a different and hopefully compelling way.  Observing subjects closely one could take them literally or see the expressive nature of the material.  Often if you look closely enough or from a different point of view you see patterns, abstractions, and subjective beauty and meaning.

​I hope the viewer will find that what they see in my photographs is not limited by the frame or bound by the arrangement of pixels on the page.  Rather, I hope their vision will be engaged and expanded.
The air is filled with countless images for which the eye acts as a magnet.
- Da Vinci